Adding colours to your Business.

In the year 1981, college friends and founders, Kishor S Shirke, Anil I Jain & Yogesh H Patel, came together and   established Kay Agencies. The company aims to service industries in Central India, thus contributing towards industrial development of the region.​
We at Kay Agencies believe in Honesty, Ethics, Transparency and Customer satisfaction as our guiding principles.

​Kay Agencies now has a portfolio of varied products with large client base. Every company represented by us is a leading manufacturer of the respective products. Our current palette of products include - Pigments, Resins, Plastic colour concentrates & compounds, Titanium Dioxide, Carbon Black, Additives for Paints, Printing Inks & Plastics,

Dyes & Chemicals. 

The Industries served by us are - Paint, Printing Ink, Plastic, Rubber, Textile, Paper etc.​

​Research is constantly being done to add new products sourced from globally reputed companies to add to our portfolio.

​Kay agencies believes in "Sustainability through mutual Growth", we use 'Colours', which are our major products to not only imply 'Growth' but also to dictate our company tag line: 'Adding Colours to your Business.'

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KAY AGENCIES, this name has been synonymous for brand Sudarshan in Central India since more than three decades.We have witnessed the wonderful journey that Kay Agencies and Mr. Kishor Shirke has made since 1981 with us. I am very glad to share that Kay Agencies has always been a true friend of customers and a very strong bridge between us and the market. Its a matter of great pride in having business partner like Kay Agencies with us,he being at the market place for us,we are very sure of reaching every corner with effectiveness and ethics.

Mr.Rajesh B Rathi


Sudarshan Chemical Industries Limited

  • Pigments
  • Resins
  • Plastic Masterbatch
  • Titanium Dioxide
  • Ultramarine Blue
  • Dyes,Chemicals &               Auxiliaries
  • Additives for Paints,             Printing Inks & Plastics
  • Polypropylene
  • White Minerals